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IPAC Canada



The Peel and Neighbouring Area (PANA) Chapter was founded in 2009 and is comprised of a very diverse group of individuals practicing infection control. Over the last few years our membership has grown. Members represent hospitals, public health, nursing homes, pre-hospital group (fire, police, EMS), community care and industry. New members and visitors are always welcome.

  • Acute Care
  • Long Term Care
  • Complex Continuing Care
  • Mental Health
  • Provincial Government
  • Public Health
  • Private Industry
  • Correctional Services
  • Community Organizations
  • Pre-Hospital
  • Regional Infection Control Networks


  • Networking with colleagues who share your interests and concerns in the workplace
  • Problem-solving sessions are a component of each meeting
  • Education sessions are held at each meeting, covering current infection control issues


  • To promote IPAC Canada as the national body of experts in infection prevention and control.
  • To initiate and develop effective communication between infection prevention and control professionals to share knowledge and experience and promote IPAC PANA members as the local experts in infection prevention and control.
  • To encourage the development and standardization of effective and rational infection control programs in the health care facilities and agencies.
  • To support seminars for ICPs sponsored by local, provincial, and national groups.
  • To improve the knowledge and skills of ICPs to provide quality infection control to the consumers of health care in Peel and neighbouring area.
  • To heighten community awareness through education on infection prevention and control and the implications on the health and well-being of the residents within our community.